Il Ballo delle Illusioni


TITLE: Il Ballo Delle Illusioni
CATEGORY: Documentary Film (52 min, 2017)
DIRECTOR: Luigi Cutore
PRODUCTION: Alessandro Carroli for EIE film, Discovery Italia

Cavalier Lanzafame, known as Don Carlos, descendant of Catherine of Aragon and founder of the Order of the Knights of Saint Teresa of Avila of Jesus, has a mission, which is to organize the Grand Ball of Debutantes in a frescoed room reminiscent of the Gattopardo, in Catania (Sicily).
Don Carlos, however, does it not only to relive the glories of a fallen aristocracy, but – it would seem – also as a job.
Each year, in fact, he looks for twelve girls who wish to experience the illusion of debut in society to help them realize their dream with tailor-made dresses, dance lessons and poise as well as a prince charming.